There are several options to get to Siargao. However the most frequented travel routes will carry you through Surigao City. Surigao City is the main hub to connect you with Siargao Island by a 2 to 3 hour ferry ride. A fast and inexpensive route is with a direct flight from Cebu to Siargao Island with Cebu Pacific Airlines. The following may help you to reach this Paradise.

When you arrive from abroad in the Philippines there are two major entry ports namely MANILA and CEBU. From both ports are excellent connections to travel to Siargao. We are happy to assist you with your travel plans including buying your tickets. To best assist you choosing the fastest and least expensive connection please let us know the City, date and time of your arrival.


    1.  AIRLINE and FERRY TICKETS and Transfer Assistance 

If you can not obtain a ticket and/or reservation we are happy to help you and purchase the ticket(s) for you. Many times we can get promo airline tickets that are lower than the regular tickets. If Yes we need name and date of birth of each person traveling.

Transfer Assistance 
Please let us know if you need any or all of the following assistance:

      1. Transfer by Van from Surigao Airport to Surigao City Pier/Ferry (10 to 15 Minutes ride) – P500 ($10) per van (up to 8 pax)
      2. From Surigao City Pier the last Ferry is “Montenegro” at 12:00noon to Dapa/Siargao Island. Price one-way air-con 
        P250 ($5) no air con P150 ($3) – There are also other boats leaving earlier. The M/V BRITPHIL departs 6AM - appr. 2 Hour trip.  Please contact us for any Ferry Schedule up-dates
      3. We meet you at Dapa Pier and take you to Patrick's on the Beach only a 20 minutes ride – P600 ($15) per van up to 10 persons
      4. Pick-up by van from Siargao Airport to Patrick’s – one hour ride - P1200 ($25) for the van up to 10 pax  - fare is always shared with the passengers traveling in the van. 

    When traveling in the Philippines always keep our cell phones numbers with you: Elizabeth: 0920-402-4356 or Andreas: 0929-345-5566. It may come in handy in case you encounter any difficulties, simply call us.

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2 - From Manila by Air via Cebu to Siargao Island

Cebu Pacific Airline has flights Manila to Cebu and you change the plane for a connection from Cebu directly to Siargao. This is probably the fastest and least expensive way to travel. There are plans to soon start a direct flight from Manila to Siargao. Check with us or visit Cebu Pacific Airline website for any up-date

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3 - From Manila by Air via Surigao City

Philippine Airlines offers a direct flight from Manila to Surigao City. Flying time is about a 1:20 hour. Check with us or Philippine airlines for latest schedules to make sure the flight arrives on time in Surigao in order to catch the noon ferry to Siargao.

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4 - From Manila by Air via Butuan

Some of our guests travel from Manila via Butuan City. Butuan is serviced daily with Cebu Pacific Airlines and/or with Philippine Airline  The problem using that route is that you still have to travel to Surigao a 2 hour ride. Most of the flight schedules do not give you enough time to reach Surigao on time to catch the last ferry to Siargao.  We do not recommend that option unless you visit relatives in Butuan.

Once you arrive in Butuan take a taxi to the Bus & Van Terminal and take the bus or a van from Butuan Bus Terminal to Surigao Bus Terminal. This is a three hour scenic bus or van ride 2 hours. Price for the van or bus fare is around P150. You need no reservation, simply ask for the next van or bus leaving. Once you arrive at the Surigao City bus terminal simply take any available transport to the Surigao Pier or we can meet you there to take you to the next ferry.

If there is an early morning flight departing Manila at 5 to 7 AM you will have no problem catching the noon ferry from Surigao City to Dapa/Siargao.

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5 - From Cebu by Air to Siargao Island

Cebu Pacific Airline has direct flights from Cebu to Siargao on Monday – Wednesday and Friday. This is the fastest and least expensive way to travel. Make your bookings early to get a low priced flight of around P1300 to P1600 one way. Check-in Luggage is limited to 10kg per person plus 5kg carry on. Surfboards up to 7ft long is no problem

6 - From Cebu by Air via Surigao

Cebu Pacific offers  4 weekly flights to Surigao: Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday - Sunday  - Please check their website for latest schedules.  

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7 - From Surigao City – Ferry Connection to Siargao Island

There are many ferries that travel from Surigao to Siargao. Most of the connections are to Dapa Port on Siargao Island. From the port it is only a 20 minutes ride to Patrick’s on the Beach and 30 minutes to Patrick’s on Cloud 9. The MONTENEGRO ferry. That leaves at noon is the slowest but most comfortable and very reliable – a 3 to 4 hours ride. It is a Ro-Ro ferry that also takes cars and trucks. It has an air-con accommodation. The Montenegro Ferry departs Surigao at noon and departs Dapa in the morning at 6AM 

Other Ferries:

    MV “Fortune Angel” has also air-con room and departs Surigao at 11:30 and departs Dapa at 5:30AM – 3 hours ride

    MV “Britphil” is a fast local outrigger boat that departs Surigao at 6AM and departs Dapa at 11AM – 2 hour ride

    There are a few other ferries as well between Dapa and Surigao.

    Other connections to Siargao Island are from Surigao to Del Carmen and to St. Monica

    The ferry tickets one way are from P150 to P300 depending on the type of ferry.

If you travel via Surigao we recommend that you contact us in order to purchase your boat tickets in advance to make sure that you have a seat on a ferry. We, at Patrick's are happy to assist you in purchasing your tickets prior to your arrival in Surigao. Simply email us your request with the name and age of each passenger. Our representative will meet you at the point of your arrival in Surigao to give you the tickets and help you with the transfer to your connecting boat.

SPECIAL CHARTER BOATS From and to Surigao City to Siargao Island

    In case you travel with a larger group or you arrive in Surigao City too late to catch the noon ferry we can arrange for a charter of a Banka boat.  The cost of a charter can range between P8,000 and P10,000 (US$180 to $230). If you charter Patrick’s boat that can take as many as up to 30 people the cost is P8000 and the boat will take you right to Patrick’s Beach in front of your beach cottage. 
    Make a note of our cell phones at Patrick's:
     0920-402-4356 or (63) 929-345-5566
    - If you encounter any problem simply call us and we will do our utmost to help resolving any problem. We have friends in Manila, Cebu, Surigao and many other places that can render any assistance - from picking you up at the airport, taking you to the hotel or Cokaliong Ferry in Cebu. We can even assist you in obtaining the ferry tickets for you

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8 - From Cebu by Boat Ferry via Surigao City

From Cebu BY SEA via Surigao: COKALIONG Shipping Lines - offers daily service from Cebu to Surigao except Sundays. This overnight ferry leaves from Pier 1 and departs Cebu at 7PM and arrives Surigao City in the morning at 6:00AM These large vessels are like cruise ships and you have a choice of accommodations:
 1. Private aircon with TV Suite/Cabin or
Tourist class (sharing large aircon room with bunk beds and clean bed sheets) or
Economy non-aircon with bunk bed (nice sea breeze and you travel like most locals – you may have some roosters or chicken sleeping right next to you). We can purchase the tickets for you (our service charge per ticket is P500) or if you want to purchase the tickets yourself simply ask the taxi driver (only use meter taxi) in Cebu to carry you to the Cokaliong office. When you arrive Surigao City take the next Ferry to DAPA/SIARGAO Island.

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9 - From Davao & Cagayan de Oro by Air via Cebu to Siargao Island

10 - From Davao & Cagayan de Oro by land via Surigao

11 - Overnight Stay in Manila – Cebu – Surigao City

We recommend The Nichols Airport Hotel

(only 5 minutes from Manila Airport) at 484 Quirino Ave, Tambo (near Baclaran) Parañaque City, Metro Manila – Tel (632)832-2953 or 832-1360 – email – The Nichols Hotel is very clean with a Restaurant. Free WiFi in the Lobby and is only 5 minutes from the airport. Rates are between P1500 and P2000

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We recommend METRO PARK HOTEL– St Laurence St., Laguardia, Lahug, Cebu City. Tel (032) 233-0130 or 233-3887 – Manager is Stephen Yap – email:

only a 2-minute drive to Cebu Waterfront Hotel & Casino and JY Square Mall, only 10 minutes away from Cebu Business Park and Ayala Mall and only 10-minutes from Gaisano Country Mall and SM Mall. When you book ask for the special rate for Patrick’s guests P800 Standard Air-con for two persons with TV and Refrigerator. The Hotel also has an excellent Lady Dentist Clinic on the premises.


The closest to the pier is The Tavern Hotel. The Tavern has been newly renovated and they have a very good restaurant and often evening entertainment. .

    1.      The Tavern Hotel  recently renovated with an indoor and outdoor restaurant. Wifi in the Lobby. 
    Borromeo St., Surigao City  
    Tel. (086) 231-7300 or 826-8566 - email 
    Rates start at P1500 per room that includes breakfast for 2

    2.      Philippine Gateway Hotel Km.3, Surigao City 
    Tel. (086) 232-4257 or 826-1285 
    This is a business hotel starting rate P1300

    3.      3. AdEn Apartelle  
    Borromeo cor. San Nicolas St., Surigao City 
    Tel. No. (086) 826-2532

    4.      Metro Pension Plaza (rates start at P450 aircon and TV) 
    Navarro St., Surigao City 
    Tel. No. (086) 826-6468

    5.       Leomondee Hotel 
    Borromeo St., Surigao City 
    Tel. No. (086) 826-0364

    The tricycle taxis are everywhere and cost around P7 per person from anywhere to anywhere in Surigao City

REMEMBER: At Patrick’s we accept all major credit cards including giving cash advance on your credit card. We also change most currencies and even help you with reserving your flights and/or obtaining your airline tickets.

Enjoy your travel adventure coming to Siargao, a very special place - get a glimpse of “Paradise”. 

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