We, Andreas, Elizabeth, our sons Patrick, Bjoern, Francis, our family members Nettie, Lorna and the entire Patrick’s gang like to thank all our wonderful guests who have brought us lots of joy and happiness.!   For those who have not been to the beautiful Siargao Islands and Patrick’s we extend to you our invitation to visit our little Paradise and give us the opportunity to pamper you and spoil you to the best vacation ever.

We receive hundreds of Thank You and appreciation letters from our guests. However the greatest joy of sharing our little paradise with our friends and guests is when they return again and again. Then we really understand and know that it is truly a privilege to live in such a beautiful place and to serve our guests. The most compliments we get are for our amazing delicious food. Many guests who only came for a couple of days extended their stay often to several weeks.

Below is just a small selection of the letters we receive from our many happy guests.

From lynnsquest@comcast.net
Good Day Andreas, I sent a reply to your e-mail a week ago, but I don't think it made it to you! I wanted to thank you for the pictures of the sailfish I caught and the great time and food my family had at your resort. I suppose you are a new Daddy again by now! Hope your wife had a good delivery in the hospital. Is your fishing tournament going on this week? Hope it is a big success! I'm back in the US again and have told all my friends and family about your nice resort there. They were all so happy that I caught a big sailfish despite my blindness. I sure hope I can make it back there again sometime soon. Take great care and talk to you again.   Sincerely, Lynn Janssen

Hallo Nitty,Andreas and all the others!   Many greetings from Germany where I started to get to normal life again! Oh yes,I am missing the Philippines already…especially Patricks on the beach where I spend a fabulous time with you.Remembering all the activities from surfing,kayaking or going around the island with a motorcycle…..and of course the good food like Spaghetti Stroganov and your fabulous Yoho rum.I hope you are all ok and you can still enjoy a blessed island like yours………so I will come back very soon for another surf and a bottle of Yoho rum   Stay happy and healthy………Constantin

December 7, 2007 from Hans & Mark USA
well the weather has turned colder, its about -20 here today, but I love it none the less, been skiing through the woods a lot lately. Hey just wanted to say how wonderful an experience it was to stay with you and your family and employees. Both mark and I say its the best trip we have ever had, very laid back.. and thats saying alot as you know I have traveled to many many places in my life..... My wife wants to come back next winter for 1-2 months to stay with you folks....kids would love it so.... as for me well lets just say that Patrick’s on the beach will become a permanent fixture in my life, hey also I have pictures of Jonathan and Jing I am sending you if you wouldn’t mind giving them to them, they are kind of cool..... How are Elizabeth and the boys?????? and how about yourself??? how is my friend doing????? you are a good man Andreas....we seem to have gotten along splendidly.... sure i am a bit rough around the edges....but hey time wears that away a bit...no??? anyway we will be sending you and the family a x-mas package here soon.. hey also say hi to your sister-in-law Natai....hmmm not sure how to spell her name....but she was a great guide and friend to mark and I....as well as your staff....and Jeffry/Jennifer has made a hit back here....a unique experience having a dual person as a cheff!!!!!! well andreas drop me a note when you get the chance....and i am also curious about Travis hows he doing????? all for now....until later...blue skies to you....Hans
From Megan Johnston May 31, 2007
Hello Andreas, Elisabeth, Patrick and everyone!

We were there in November for a week and are thinking about coming back later this year! We never contacted you after we left, to thank you so much for everything! We had an amazing experience there and enjoyed all the staff! I attached some pictures for you to enjoy and look forward to contacting you for another stay, once we plan our trip later this year! We miss the YoHoHo Mango rum! Yum!

Thank you,
Meghan and Chris
Nov2007 Bill & Kaye from Astralia
Dear Andreas and Elizabeth,
It was a great pleasure to meet and talk with you during our short surfing break at Sagana. We love the island and the life there.
YoHoHo Rhum is running out so I must visit soon !
God Bless you all
Bill and Kaye – Australia

Nov 19, 2007 Hulbert from Hawaii
To Andreas and your happy loving family
I would like toi thank you for not only making my vacation a wonderful experance but also leaving your fingerprint in my life God works in many ways.
I am back home and still have wonderful thoughts of my time there.
I have been haring with my friends and they are showing intrest in coming for a visit
Aloha Kenneth Hurlburt
ken hurlburt <hurlburt808@yahoo.com>
Roderick T. Palacio from Philippines August 2007
Hi Andreas,
Just to rattle your memory, I'm the guy who took the gruelling 30-hour fishing expedition to the Pacific aboard your fishing boat.
I'm now back in the office, and back to the glam reality of work.
I just wanted to say thanks for the hospitality I received while I was on your resort. I will never forget the people I have met there, including Boy, my fishing companion; your wife and son; your friendly guests (i forgot the names) and you most of all. I will also never forget the awesome experience of fishing and spending a night in the Pacific.
I came to Siargao with only a couple of pages of travel notes from the internet and I returned with enough memories and thoughts to write a book with.
Thanks for helping to make Siargao that kind of place and I wish you luck in your future visions for your resort and the island, in general.
Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in my own capacity. If you plan of investing in other tourist spots in the future as well, I have lots of places to recommend right in my own hometown in the Bicol Region.
Til we meet again, my friend and you can be sure I'll be setting foot in that beautiful island again.
Roderick T. Palacio
Materials Cost Specialist
Ford Group Philippines

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