Renewal of our Wedding Vows December 26, 2008
Also at the same time Baptism of our son Francis
                            We fell in Love in 2001 and married in General Luna April 8, 2002
 The Fruits of our Love - Three Loving Brothers
Francis born April 19, 2008
Bjoern born Aprill 11, 2005 Patrick born September 14, 2002
We are truly a very, very Happy Family – and we thank God for the precious gifts of our wonderful marriage

The Happy Family
Andreas – Elizabeth
Patrick - BJ-boy & Francis
Come visit us at Patrick’s – we like to share our joy and happiness with you and your family

Happy Good Day & thanks for visiting our website.
We, Andreas & Elizabeth together with our love children Patrick & Bjoern and Francis are the owners and your host of our little paradise resort Patrick’s on the Beach.
Andreas born in Germany lived all his adult life since 1967 in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean & Florida where he built resorts and other businesses. In 1996 after a profound human and spiritual experience he founded Messenger of Joy Foundation – . In December 2001 he traveled to Siargao Island to meet the family of his then future wife Elizabeth. He immediately did fall in love with the pristine beauty and nature of Siargao Island and the hospitality of the Siargao people. It reminded him how the Caribbean used to be 50 years ago. Andreas and Elizabeth got married April 8, 2002 right on the beach which is now Patrick’s on the Beach Resort. Elizabeth had rented a beach cottage for the wedding there. After the wedding Andreas surprised Elizabeth by telling her that he bought this property as a wedding gift for their new family. Today this cottage is still their home. They bought several more properties adjoining this beautiful beach resort. In March 2003 Patrick’s on the Beach started operation with 6 cottages and has now 16 cottages. Since then Patrick’s has become the #1 vacation spot on Siargao Island where their guests and visitors experience a cultural honeymoon by meeting wonderful people from all over the world.
Recently more properties in and around Siargao were acquired by Patrick’s and a another resort Patrick’s on Cloud 9 began operation in 2008. Another Eco development started in 2008 namely the YoHoHo Lagoon, Islands and Caves. The guests can now experience traveling to the most amazing places such as hidden Coves, fabulous beaches, caves and fisher villages. One of Patrick’s boat adventure tours will take the guests to secluded island with a mountain property that lets you overlook from the peek of the mountain a 360° view with countless islands and the blue Pacific ocean. Check out our huge 36 photo albums link that will give you an idea of our joyous life and your next dream vacation at Patrick’s on beautiful Siargao Island.
Ours is a very personal service, and our dedicated and friendly staff is eager to make your vacation the best ever. Offering our customers the most pleasurable resort experience is what we are all about. So go ahead, plan your getaway to a dream vacation.

Our Happy Staff is all one big family eager to spoil you
 with great food and plenty of smiles!