Packages & Promos

We will quote other promos and/or special packages upon detailed request.


1. ►  What are the dates of your arrival and departure?

2.How many persons are in your group?

3.What is the age range of your group?

4.What type of accommodation do you prefer? (air-con – non air-con – with or without TV)

5.How many persons like to share a room or cottage?

6.What kind of meal plan do you wish to include in the package, such as 2 or 3 daily meals?

7.Do you want to include any Island Van Tours or by Boat Tours to surrounding Islands?
If YES view our menu of ACTIVITIES and let us know what you like to include.

8.Do you want the use of all water sports included: Kayaks, Paddle Boats, Surfboards etc.?

9.Do you want certain transfers included, such as: Meeting you at the airport, or Dapa Pier?

10. ►  Do you want to include any fun and game activities with give away prizes? Our entertainment program can make your vacation at Patrick’s one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences.

11.To prepare the best package please let us know what is your budget per person or for the entire group.

12.Do you need any presentation room and equipments like projector and screen?

13.Let us know any other special requests you may have.  

      To customize the most exciting package please furnish us with as many details as possible about intended trip.

Our activity program is vast. We offer many adventure tours covering the entire Siargao Island region. Patrick's on the Beach comprises of many properties throughout Siargao Islands. One of the most exciting property is our YoHoHo Lagoons, Coves, Caves and Islands.

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We want to make your vacation one of the best experiences ever!