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Siargao Facts:

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Size 452 square kilometers or 62,796 hectares The terrain in Siargao Island is predominately rolling to steep. The highest elevation is 291 meters above sea level located along the middle Bucas Grande Island. On the western and southern sides of the island are broad expanse of mangrove swamps and broad reef flats. The island is proximate to the Philippine Deep which is 10,700 meters below sea level and considered as the deepest part of the trench

CLIMATE: Temperature ranges from a low 21°C in December/January to a high 32°C in June

LANGUAGE & DIALECTS: English is the official language, and communication is fairly easy around the islands. Islanders speak a local dialect Surigaonan that routes in the Visayan language like Cebuano, Boholano. Some people speak also Tagalog which is the other main Philippine language that is spoken in Manila and the entire Luzon area.

POPULATION: approximately 150,000 – 9 municipalities of which Dapa is the largest with 25,000 Population – Dapa is also the main entry port if you travel by ferry from Surigao City. General Luna has a population of 15,000 and is the main tourist destination. Useful Information

BANKING SERVICES There are NO major banks on Siargao Island. There is a WESTERN UNION SERVICE in Dapa to send and receive wire transfers. If you receive money you will be paid in Peso currency.

BUSINESS HOURS Hours vary but you'll find most businesses open at 8:30 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. Many merchant stores open on Sundays. Supermarkets and convenience stores open earlier, close later and many are open on Sunday mornings and weekends.

CREDIT CARDS – ATM MACHINES All Major Credit Cards are accepted on Siargao Island at Patrick’s on the Beach although there are no telephone land lines. The closest ATM machine is in Surigao City. A 2 to 3 hour boat ride. However at Patrick’s you can get cash advance on all Major Credit Cards.

CURRENCY The Philippine Peso is the official currency. You can change most currencies at Patrick’s on the Beach – including US$ traveler checks. INTERNET Patrick’s on the Beach provides an Internet Café offers Free throughout the entire property and in all cottages. Guests can rent a lap tops or bring your own.

TRAVEL & TICKETING SERVICES Patrick’s on the Beach provides complete Services from re-confirmation – bookings & purchases of travel tickets with all Philippine Airlines and shipping Lines and Hotels. Patrick’s can also arrange personal travel assistance in Manila, Cebu and Surigao.

DRINKING WATER Most water comes from wells. We recommend to use bottled water for drinking. At Patrick’s you can also get natural Island Spring Mineral Water. ELECTRICITY The standard electric current is 220 volts. The outlets are mostly American plugs. However at Patrick’s we carry adapters that will fit any plug. We also supply Voltage regulators for our guests who have 110 Volts accessories.

FISHING Right in front of Patrick’s is the Pacific deep that measures 10,400 meter. Naturally plenty big fish of all types are caught here. Marlins, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado, etc..

HAZARDS There are no poisonous snakes or other dangerous animals in and around Siargao Islands. No diseases and No Malaria

MEDICAL There is a Hospital and a dental clinic in Dapa. Every municipality administers a clinic. For serious matters as well as modern diagnostic and treatment facilities you have to go to Surigao or Cebu. Several pharmacies offer prescription and over-the-counter services in Dapa.

NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES There are no publications on Siargao Island but you can buy readily the national daily news papers such as the ENQUIRER and STAR. A tourist Magazine called “HELLO SIARGAO” is planed to be published in the later part of 2009.

PETS Leave your pets at home – just too much hassle to travel with.

DRESS Bathing suits and other beachwear are considered appropriate on the beaches, at the pool or on the boat. Topless bathing and nudity on the beach are frowned upon. In general, day and evening dress is casual. When you go to church dress conservatively.

POST OFFICES Every Municipality has a Post Office.

SIARGAO PUBLIC HOLIDAYS & EVENTS (including Fiestas) Every municipality and larger Barangay celebrates a Fiesta once a year for three days. It’s basically a big food bonanza where friends and families meet. Visitors are always welcome to join in on the feast of plenty pork & local dishes.

RADIO AND TELEVISION There are NO local radio stations on Siargao. In Dapa and General Luna you can receive cable TV. Patrick’s on the Beach Resort provides TV in all cottages and rooms. At Patrick’s on Cloud 9 guests can opt for a small charge to have satellite TV in their room.

RELIGIOUS SERVICES There are Catholic Churches throughout Siargao. Sunday mass starts early at 6:30AM. There is an English Sunday Mass in Dapa at 5:00PM. Other Christian denominations are also represented; they include Seventh Day Adventists, Baptists, as well as various Pentecostal Churches. Ask at the hotel's front desk for worship times. EXPRESS MAIL There are various shipping and courier services located in Dapa, such as LBC. Also Federal Express mail is delivered to Siargao.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS Cellular telephone service is provided by SMART & GLOBE. There are also public call boxes at various locations in General Luna. Patrick’s will assist you to make any long distance or overseas calls thru cell phone or with skype and magic jack

TIPPING Most places don’t include a service charge in their billing. Filipinos are bad tippers and foreigners are loved for their generosity. 5 to 10% tipping is well appreciated.
GOVERNMENT TAX & Service Charge Up to 12% government tax is usually added to your hotel bill, as well as a 5% hotel service charge. Additional tipping is optional. At Patrick’s we only charge on all billings a 5% for Tax and Service charge

TRANSPORTATION Since March of 2009 we have direct flights from Cebu to Siargao. There are also connecting flights from Manila via Cebu and Surigao. Several Ferry boats service Siargao from Surigao City – see our webpage “GETTING TO SIARGAO” .

BUSES - Mini and Jeepney buses travel all over the islands. Often a rough ride packed with cargo and locals even on top of the roof. Outings by van and by boat are usually arranged by Patrick’s on the Beach Resort.

CAR and MOTORBIKE RENTALS: Renting a car is both economical and convenient. Patrick’s on the beach offers mini vans and motor bikes at a very reasonable price for rental with and without driver. A valid driver's license from another country is accepted. Driving is on the right hand side of the road..

TAXIS: Taxis are available at the airport & Dapa Pier. Many people ride with a Habal-habal that is an extended seat motorbike.

FERRY SERVICES: Inter-island boat services to all the surrounding islands are available inexpensively and on short notice. There are regular daily trips to all the major islands and ports like to and from Dapa and Surigao City. There is also a daily service by banka ferry from and to Del Carmen and Surigao City. Departure and arrival times are available at the Patrick’s front desk. AIRLINES Cebu Pacific – CEBU to SIARGAO – as well as flights from Manila connecting in Cebu to Siargao Philippine Airline - Manila to Surigao City Cebu to Surigao City BACK TO TOP

EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS only available thru cell service Always keep Patrick’s cell phone with you Elizabeth 0920-402-4356 and Andreas (63) 929-345-5566 – It may come in handy in case you encounter any difficulties, simply call us

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